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    Hello friends of TBHP (Jamie),At last! After listening to Jamie's podcast for a few months I have joined the forum chat and become a member. (Membership was a birthday present to myself).You were correct about a warm glowing feeling Jamie ;)I'm really enjoying the podcasts Jamie and mostly listen while renovating and painting the house. Also listen in the car which is a calming influence in the crazy traffic.Over the past few weeks I've been working on a video flyover of the island at the end of the earth. This is a labor of love and a way of clarifying for me the chronological order and locations of the main features of Jamie's hard work from 10,000 BCE to 1065 CE.My background is in model making and film making in Europe, USA and Australia. I live in Australia from UK family heritage with a growing Aussie family of my own.I will be sure needing some input into this project especially to make sure that I get the facts correct, or as correct as the current consensus is trending.If you good people can be patient with my questions when they come it would be a great help and I hope you will like the result. I am aiming for the first installment by Christmas, these things take time around other full time work.Cheers,Simon

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    Hi, Simon. Your project sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear more about it. :) ~Jesi

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    Aww, thanks for supporting the community, Simon! 

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    Hello there Simon, pixelady from San Francisco here. Your project sounds really interesting (I'm also in films – VFX). There was a Brit TV show or at least something aired on TV there ages ago that might interest you if you can find it. They flew a plane around the mainland coasts, all the way around and filmed the land as they went. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called and I did a quick search to try to find it, but no joy yet. I will keep trying. It might be helpful to you if I can dredge it up. It was a while ago.

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