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    the Venomous Bead

    Diane here, posting under the name “the Venomous Bead” as a shout-out to my favorite comedy book on English history, 1066 and All That.  The more you know about history, the funnier it gets — so by the time Jamie is done we'll all find it utterly hilarious!I've always loved Britain and its history (well, for as long as I can remember anyway, which is well back into the 1960s so no spring chicken I).  I'm loving this podcast because I seldom find any of these subjects covered in the depth we're getting here.  I'm also interested in archaeology and travel, so eventually maybe I'll get around to posting some photos I've taken on various trips to Britain.  (Whoever said everything cool is is in Orkney hasn't been to Shetland yet!)Oh, and I'm about a year behind on the podcast...  Go Augustine!  (oh, wait, he just died...  :()

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    Hi Diane, welcome to the community!  And I've never read the book you mentioned, I'll have to check it out.  Thanks for the recommendation  :)

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