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    Hi!I'm Anastasia. Originally from Pittsburgh, now living in New Orleans.I'm a board/card/video game enthusiast, fan of history, and baker of delicious foods (for fun, not as a job.)I started my journey into history podcasts by listening to The History Chicks. They are wonderfully entertaining! Unfortunately, they aren't able to update as often as I'd like, so I started searching for other history podcasts. I listened to a few others, but was not quite satisfied until I found BHP.  I'm not up to date yet, but I'm working towards it!I'm looking forward to reading/participating in interesting conversations, etc. (I almost said "and whatnot" but didn't want to seem like too much of a fangirl!)  :P

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    (Seeing how you got this rolling…)Welcome! Nice to meet you again!I'm also into games of all kinds. What are some of your favorites? I don't bake much, but I do cook.What sorts of topics do The History Chicks cover and whatnot?

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    Not quite at the BHP level of research and whatnot (let the whatnot flag fly!), have you tried “Stuff You Missed In History Class”?  Sometimes I skip topics, but sometimes they have really good ones that send me down the Wikipedia Spiral of Doom. 

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    Hi Anastasia, I'm glad to hear that you also listen to the History Chicks.  Beckett and Susan are really good people.  What games are you into?  You might have noticed from side comments, that I'm also quite a dork and delve into games whenever I get the chance (which is woefully rare these days).Welcome to the community!And Willen, the History Chicks cover just about everything and anything.  You should check them out.

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