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    Hi there!  My name is Kim and I currently live in Ohio.  I fell in love with British History through Henry VIII, I know cliché but hold the judgement, I was 7.  It was a children's book about the Tower of London my parents picked up at the gift shop for me.  It of course had blurbs about several popular highlights of the Towers history, but oh boy Henry VIII beheading his wife was the page for me :) (Sorry I couldn't find what exactly this tiny very illustrated book was called but I believe it's at my parents home somewhere still, I'll dig it up if I remember when I visit). Anyways. I went to college for History and mainly focused on medieval and early modern British history.  I took classes on medieval Jewish history,  the English Reformation, England from 1066-Cromwell, and plenty more.  My senior year I did a full semester private study on medieval queenship. Which try making 'queenship' not be underlined in red, that's right it's not a word, but kingship is…I have yet to begin a career in history, letting the wounds from the undergrad study loans scab over before adding to them with grad school ;) I plan on working towards a degree in public history.  I discovered this podcast June 15th and have been hooked since.  And my apologies if anyone took the time to read this very lengthy intro.

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    Hi Kim, I'm so pleased that you found the show last month and that you're enjoying it so much!  :)Welcome to the community!

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