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    Hello. I love the podcast. I find I enjoy Jamie's humor. I have the great distinction of being both a Brit and an American. My mom is from near Glasgow and my dad is from Cleveland. I was born prior to 1982, so that makes me a dual citizen. I even have two passports. I love British history and American history.  I love British food. I am a great cook of British food, specifically my grandmother's recipes. I am the only one she taught how to bake/cook and the only one who has her recipes. Thankfully, she is still alive, so I can pry the rest from her one day. You know how Scotswomen are, though. Stubborn as mules! :)  Here is a good story. I was watching Braveheart (this was years ago) with my Gram.  The sex scene in the woods came on, the one after the marriage. Gram was making clucking sounds and shaking her head. I thought she had an issue with the sex. Nope. She turns to me and says "They wouldna be doin' that there, ootside. It is too damn cold all the time. They'd freeze their arses off."

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    Scotswomen are like scotsmen, stubborn as mules! Oh, and welcome to the community!

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    Haha, your grandmother sounds like a riot!  :)Welcome to the community!

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