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    Great podcast, though I'll admit the dim ages and their names have left me rather dizzy.My interests are various. Among them:

    • My grandma MacNeil was born and raised in Barra Glen, right outside Iona, Nova Scotia, where she was exposed to Gaelic and staunch R-Catholicism as a child. She was 100% Scot (part Viking). Here ancestors were mostly from Barra (Outer Hebrides/Western Isles), which I hear was only 800 years ago was a Norwegian possession. Iona (NS) is now the home of "Highland Village," a prominent cultural center.
    • Both of my grandfathers were Scandinavian, so I get a little Viking interest from them.
    • I'm a tour docent at a dead poet's house in nearby Carmel, California. The poet and his wife were bulldog-loving Anglophiles who settled in Carmel largely because it reminded them of Devon.
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    Happy trails ...

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    Welcome to the community, and sorry about all the AEthel/Os names.  They do get a bit confusing after a little bit.  Though to be fair, how many Edwards and Georges do we have later on?  It's all a matter of perspective. ;)

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    Hey there, nearly-neighbor!  I used to have a notepad in my purse with my attempts at spelling the AEs/Os from recent 'casts.  I threw that out the window - I've come to terms with the fact that I will never get them straight!  ;)

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