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    Hi my name is Harry I'm 16 years old and I live in the county of Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. History is my favourite subject, and I especially love learning about my own country's history-which is why I love Jamie's British History Podcast so much. I live near a place which is steeped in history, this place is called Lincoln. The earliest origins of Lincoln can be traced to the remains of an Iron Age settlement of round wooden dwellings (which were discovered by archaeologists in 1972) that have been dated to the 1st century BC. Furthermore Lincoln was also home to the Romans at one time, and many Roman Ruins can be seen in the city today.Lincoln is also home to a magnificent cathedral and castle. The castle was built in the late 11th century on the orders of William the Conqueror on the site of a pre-existing Roman fortress. The Bishop Remigius ordered and oversaw the building of the first Lincoln Cathedral on the present site, the construction being completed by 1092. Football,cycling,walking in the countryside and reading are all things which I also love. The football team that I support is Liverpool F.C. Roman Ruin[img]http://www.roman-sites.com/england/lincoln/lincolnnarch.JPG[/img] Lincoln CathedralSAspect-Sept05-D5256sAR.jpg Lincoln CastleLincoln_Castle_2.jpg                                      

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    Hi Harry!  A friend of mine moved to Lincoln a couple of years ago – so I know right where you are on the map!  (Part of the fun of the forums is seeing where people are.  Okay, fun for me, at least.)  It's still pretty cool to me that the ruins aren't all blocked off or behind glass.

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    Hi Harry!  Actually, Lincoln (Lindum as the Romans called it) might have started as a small iron age settlement.  So you live in a very old city, indeed!Anyway, it's always nice to welcome a fellow LFC supporter to the forums!

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    Hi thank you both for the welcome. Jamie thank you also not only just for the amazing British History Podcast, but for informing me that Lincoln actually started life as a small iron age settlement.  I went on Wikipedia and found out that this so, and have amended my post so that people are aware that this is the case. Additionally I would just like to say that your podcast is great. I have listened to 20 episodes in the last week and a half and I have enjoyed listening to them every so much.Thanks  :)

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