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    The title says it all and with Dan Carlin at the helm you are in for one hell of a ride. I mean this guy is totally sensationalist but incredibly refreshing and entertaining at the same time and he is certainly not afraid to shock, which makes this all the better by turning history on its head…..gotta live up to the title  ;)If you haven't heard any of his podcasts yet you should really give then a trial run to see if you like them and his very distinctive way of telling a story. He's not everyone's cuppa tea though so be warned.Clicking here will take you to the H/H archive where the last 15 or so episodes are stored or here for the episodes listed on iTunes.

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    Much as it galls me to do so i must agree with Chris on this one. Dan Carlin is not what you expect from a history podcaster. He is sensational and irreverent but is still interesting despite all that. For me his shows are more like an exciting tale that are set in the real world.Give him a go. His later stuff is better so don't worry if you can't get the early episodes.Frenchie aka Alex

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    Very strange his subjects but the Thors Angels thing really fascinating his view on history is really refreshing.

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    He was the first ever podcast I listened to, the second was Dice Like Thunder.I think Dan is the embodiment of the God of Wisdom and I worship nearly everything he says. I loved his Downfall of the Republic series, and the Blitz Editions were fabulous. Globalisation Unto Death was Epic as was Old Skool Toughness. He is perhaps a little too in love with Will Durant but listening to him is like listening to a proper BBC Radio 4 broadcast or one of the Reith Lectures.His common sense shows are great too.

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    I have really enjoyed this one, although I do feel like I'm being punched in the face with history.  :)

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    Love Dan his Podcast on the Mongols was great.

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    In my opinion, these are probably the best-told history podcasts that I have heard (sorry, Jamie) for all of the reasons stated above.  They are good at keeping your interest, even when they go on for hours.However, I wonder how historically accurate they are.  I did further reading on the ones that I got caught up in and it seems like he overstated incidents and responses and motivations to make a better story.alan

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    I also like HH… but man, does his delivery get annoying after a while.  My friend and I went to DefCon last month with a queue of podcasts for entertainment; we got stuck in a looooooong traffic jam on the way back, which let us finish the Spanish-American War episode (four hours or so).  His research seems to be good (although he goes out on limbs all the time – and isn't nearly as scrupulous as Jamie about telling us when he's doing so), but his dramatic way of quieting down to a whisper one moment and nearly shouting the next, plus the loud, grating voice he puts on whenever he's quoting someone (even women), really get on my nerves after a while.

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    Im a big fan. His stuff on the punic wars and the world wars is excellent.

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    Started on his Wrath of Khan series and it really pulled me into a story I hadn't really been interested in before. Just started listening to the Armegeden series and he really does a good job of relating how horrifying the first world war really was.

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    A recent convert here – flynn, I've just finished the Khan series and absolutely loved it, for much the same reasons.As others have said, his delivery takes a little getting used to, but there's no denying the compelling way he tells the tales.

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    I love this series – can't get enough of Dan Carlin's stuff.  8)BHP was a gateway drug that I still enjoy thoroughly, however.

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    This is the podcast that got me addicted to podcasting and it continues to be the best podcast on record.

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    Joseph Fulton

    What Dan and Jamie have in common is their excellent way of blending the facts and the stories with commentary and musings on why things were the way they were. Jamie does an excellent job of reining in the tangents.

    All in all, both shows are an absolute treat.

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