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    Hi there ALL!This is Carrie from the Central Coast of CA.  My husband (David) and our two boys (Riley and Aiden) have been listening to the BHP Pod-cast for awhile now and we are loving it!  Our oldest son, (18 years old now) is a historian-in-the-making and actually can fill in gaps here-and-there from the podcast for us as needed--don't know how he was is able to do this this since he's dyslexic and didn't read until he was 13--although we did read books out-loud and listen to books on tape/cd for the years that we home-schooled our boys--(Beowulf being a particular favorite)--"Who can say?", "We will probably never know"--...I have a few questions about wet-nursing & breast-feeding & "The Church", as well as midwives, apothecaries, & women & healing/treatments done in the home--what threads are best for these?Thanks Jamie and all BHP Supporters,Carrie Foster Evans 

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    Hi Carrie, welcome to the community!I'm so glad that you and your family are enjoying the show.  As for wetnursing, the further research might be a good place to ask questions and start a thread on the subject.  Our community is growing every day, so it's quite possible that someone in the community might know the answer to your question.  :)Jamie

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    Hi Carrie!  Waving a hearty welcome HELLO! from the Central Valley (you know, the pit of heat and cows).  Welcome aboard!

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