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    My name is Danette, forum name “Hallbera” and I stumbled onto BPH a few months ago, looking for something my spouse and I would enjoy listening to on a long drive. Since we are both into history with ancestors from UK, we positively adored the show. Thank you Jamie!We both work full time, but also have a 1.25 acre place that would best be described as a diversified subsistence farm. We manage to grow most of what we eat, and what we can't produce, try to buy locally as much as we can. In addition to more modern methods we try to do things that our ancestors might have, like scything hay/grass, growing small crops of wheat that we hand harvest. We also plant and eat things that have fallen out of fashion which our ancestors might have, like soup peas, nettles or ramps for example. We maintain a variety of soft fruits including currents, and elderberries, and have a small orchard in which, over the years, we planted some older cider varieties. In fall we press cider with our neighbor, can about half for juice, the other half we ferment. We make a selection of cordials from berries, wine and now and again brew beer using the hops we grow on our place. We kept a Dexter dairy cow and hand milked for a time, enjoying raw milk, cream as well as made cheese. Also have raised our own beef, and wiener pigs for butcher. We've made blood sausage, braunschweiger, and home cured bacon which we smoke for flavor/preservation. For a time we kept bees and harvested the honey.This weekend we'll likely be attempting the adventure that is sheep and will be bringing home a Katahdin ewe with a lamb or two. Katahdin are a hair sheep, so we don't need to worry about shearing and will raise them for meat.Our main farm business though is chickens, which we keep a pretty decent flock of. We sell eggs farm gate style to friends/neighbors, and incubate our own chicks, breeding for dark brown, brown, blue and olive color eggs. We have some heritage Maran breeds, Americaunas, Leg horns, and other crosses we have been breeding to make a variety of colors for eggs. Our roosters currently number at 4 and are named, Big Boy, Schwartz, Frank and Blaine. All are different pure bred breeds we have selected for good confirmation and gentle/friendly disposition.Besides the farm animals we have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 quaker parrots, one of which loves to swear. We also mark some of our ancestors more traditional celebrations, many of more heathen origin.And we've blogged about all this madness since 2006.  ;DAt any rate... more than you needed to know probably. But we try to connect to history through daily life where and when we are able. In this way we also connect with and honor our ancestors.BPH has proven to be another fascinating perspective to our historical past. Hoping to perhaps connect and share with others here as smitten with history.

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    Hello from your neighbor down south!  Welcome to the community :)

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