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    Howdy,My name is Leigh - long time listerner, but this is my first time to the forums. I feel silly for not getting involved sooner to be honest.Anyway, I currently live in a town called Watford in the United Kingdom. In fact, to be more precise, I live right next to a film studio called Leavesden Studios, which also contains a Harry Potter Tour, that you may or may not have heard of, depending on your tastes. I live in a small 1950s house with my fiance, our 9 month old dog Riley- a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (blame Canada) and two cats - Aria and Luna. The dog and the cats are still learning to get along at the moment, so it can be a testing household at times  ::).I grew up in a village called Iver Heath. Funnily enough right next to another film studio called Pinewood Studios, which is famous for the James Bond films. I mostly spent my childhood in the neighbouring forests, or breaking into the film studios on quiet weekends to explore.You're probably expecting me to say that I work in the film industry. But alas, although I did study film, I've ended up in the software development industry somehow. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. :oAnyway, some of you may have seen I'm hoping to post a bit about my current Rome 2: Total War campaign in the "Games" section of the forum here. Fair enough, I'm sure not all of you are into video games, but I do like to try and find time for a good strategy game now and then. Sadly not too often these days, but I hope to keep that campaign going and record a log of how I get on for the entertainment of whoever wants to read it.I love the podcast (naturally:) and it's exciting to join an active community that's about the history of this quirky island from where I originate. I hope to get involved a lot more and look forward to "meeting" you fine folk. 

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    Hi Leigh,I'm originally from Redbourn, near St Albans, now living in Somerset. The Harry Potter studios is one of my all time favourite places!  I'm new to the forum too so thought I'd say hi!Jane

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    Hi Leigh, if you are enjoying Rome TW 2, have you tried my current love (Crusader Kings 2)?  It's pretty great stuff.  Very different from TW, but it's still incredibly well done.  Welcome to the community! 

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