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    Having listened to the podcast for about a year now I finally decided to become a member. I originally started listening to the podcast after returning from my first trip to the UK and now I look forward to new episodes very eagerly.I've been interested in British history for years - ever since my father visited the tower of London in the 80s and brought me back some books about heraldry and medieval history, the guilds and so on. I've read a few books like the Simon Schama books made from the BBC TV series (very dry), and a few others on various subjects like Bosworth Field and I've also tried to look up the true history behind films like Braveheart and Robin Hood etc. I like the podcast because Jamie goes into real depth, but at the same time keeps things relatable and relevant - the occasional references to GOT and other "current affairs" are fun too.What happened with the change in paid subscriptions recently is really unfortunate. It convinced me to become a full member however because I'd hate to see this podcast die after Jamie put so much heart into it.

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    Hi Stuart, thank you so much for supporting the show and for joining the community!  Welcome!

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