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    My name is Robb, and I have been a listener for about 9 months now.  I first caught wind of the BHP while hearing a portion of Episode 102 on Tumblr.  I thought, WOAH!  I gotta check this out!  I was hooked!I caught up by February, and began listening to a couple other podcasts as well.  And now, FINALLY, I am a member!  WOO HOO!  More episodes to catch up with!A bit about me:  I work for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  I am an amateur thespian and singer.  I have spent the last year working on my genealogy.  I grew up thinking I was mostly German.  However, of the four major branches in my ancestry, one was Irish, one is either Manx or Welsh (I haven't yet traced it back that far as of yet, but I do have that branch going hitting Bermuda...) and one passed through England for a generation before coming to the colonies.  And of course, my mother's Anglophilia has rubbed off on me as well!  Anyway, that's my story in a nutshell.  I am very excited to be part of this community!  See you all soon!

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    Wow!  I think you're the first person I know of who has found the BHP via tumblr!  That's so cool!Welcome to the community!

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