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    Rhoda Fort

    I’ve been listening to The British History Podcast for almost a year. I am totally addicted and am now almost caught up. I don’t know what I’ll do when I’ll have to wait for Jamie to put out the next podcast when I do finally catch up.

    I’m a life-long Anglophile who has studied English history most of my life. I can’t name all the US presidents, but I can list all the kings and queens of England in order from William the Conqueror on to the present day. I write historical novels set in 6th century Britain and Regency England. I have also read a great many historical fiction books set in Britain.

    I listen to the British History podcast every morning while I get ready for work. The podcast wakes me up and helps me stay sharp throughout the day. I never realized how little I knew about Anglo-Saxon England until listening to this podcast, and I am absolutely hooked on it. Jamie not only imparts a lot of knowledge of the era, but he is a gifted story-teller as well. I especially loved the episodes about King Alfred. Jamie did such a good job in recounting this history that by the end, I felt as if I knew Alfred on a personal level and felt very sad hearing about his death and final days.

    I look forward to many more episodes to come and am curious how Jamie will present the coming of the Normans, the Plantagenets, the Tudors and the English Civil War.

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    Aidan O’Donnell

    Hi Rhoda Fort,

    Welcome aboard, I remember the first time listened to the show, wow. I drove the rest of the family mad by caning our data download limit. I have an external hard drive with all the episodes stored thereon.

    I went to school in London and all we we taught about the Anglo-Saxons was Alfred burning the cakes. Jamie’s treatment of them has been brilliant. I am very much enjoying the episodes about Æthelstan, a vastly underrated figure in British history in my opinion.

    Best regards,


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