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    Rick Davenport

    My wife and I have been listening to the podcast whenever we are traveling so listen in periodically but are taking in the podcasts in the order of posting. That means we have only covered 90 episodes and with episode 267 just posted, I fear we will never catch up. I am of English descent – according to my DNA testing I am 85% English and 15% Irish. This is very curious since I am a descendant of not just one but 2 men who came over on the Mayflower. You would think things would have been seriously diluted by now. Anyway, my full name is Richard Henry Davenport and my mothers maiden name waa Trent. I have always been an Anglophile and my major emphasis for my history degree was in British and Irish history. Needless to say I am soaking this all in like a sponge. My half German half English wife is just as interested in history Jamie style. We finally joined tonight so now we claim to be “insiders”.

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