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    Well, actually Moorhead, Minnesota, which is just across the river. But Fargo gets all the attention. Except in The Big Lebowski.I'm Julie and a long time listener to the podcast. I visited England a few years ago and discovered how little I knew of British history. So I started listening to this podcast to correct that great deficiency. Now I've a son who will be attending uni in England for a bit next year (Keele, last I heard) and I want to learn as much as I can in case I get to go visit him. ;) I've recently gone back and started from the beginning of the podcast. There's so much good stuff in the early episodes that I had missed. So glad I made the commitment to do that.I expect I'll be more of a question-asker than a question-answerer, but it takes both kinds. So happy to have a place where information is freely shared. See you around the forums!

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    Welcome Julie!!!

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