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    Hi there all!My name is Evie and I currently hail from the almost DC part of Maryland. I grew up an Air Force brat, so have always loved travel and, thinking it only considerate to learn something about where ever we relocated to, fell in love with history.I have a BA in European History, PolSci, and German from U of MN, a Masters of Teaching from American U, and a Masters in Bilingual Special Education from George Washington U. I was a public school teacher for about 10 years; certified in k-12 ESOL, k-12 special Ed, and 6-12 social studies. I mainly taught middle school ESOL, but I also taught sheltered social studies and sheltered science. I also spent a year in Montenegro with the English Language Fellows program (yes, I am a real ELF,) sponsored by the Dept. of State teaching at the U of Niksic. The Balkans are beautiful- everyone should go there.I'll rant privately to anyone interested about the horrible state of public education, the insane focus on tests, and why I ended up leaving a profession so dear to my heart.Currently I am semi-retired and spend my time gardening/canning, doing crafty things for friends, reading, and writing trivia for a local bar trivia organization. (I can't imagine what the NSA thinks of my search history!) My English history fascination started as many do, with the Tudors, evolved to include the Wars of the Roses, jumped to British Raj, ww1 and 2, reversed to the celts (and the fascinating arguments saying Halstatt and La Tene were NOT Celtic), and has recently been focused on Georgian/Regency. Other areas of history I focus on are Hapsburg empire, Ming and Qing dynasties in China, general European exploration of new-to-them worlds, and food history. And now I've probably babbled on longer than anyone wanted to read. I look forward to interacting with everyone in the community!

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    Welcome to the group!

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    Hi Evie,Thank you so much for supporting the community, and I'm so pleased to hear that the BHP has passed muster with a veteran teacher.  :)

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