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    Hello All, this is jumping WAY ahead in our British history, but I listened to a fascinating KPFA radio program with historian William Dalrymple discussing the 1st Anglo-Afghan War 1839-1842- and his new book, Return of the King. Below is the link to the archived broadcast— Dalrymple's interview starts at minute 27, so you can skip ahead (or not, the first part is good too, but off topic. be honest, I was waiting for Jamie to post a new episode, but he must have taken a loooong Memorial Day weekend, so I needed to find a quick substitute fix.  I hope he and you all had a nice and reflective weekend- even you Brits who don't commemorate this holiday.  So nice to be a feel part of this great webcast.  Jan Cox Golovich-- Benicia, CA

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    I took monday off, it's true.  But then I had a fire!  Can you believe that?  It's been nutty here.  Anyway, the new episode should be live today.  :)

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