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    Hello, all.  Just joined your group, and look forward to participating.  Like Jamie, I am a lawyer and dog lover but, unlike Jamie, I have not yet found a way to stop practicing law.Anyway, I work in Dallas, but live out in the country with some horses, etc., so I do a lot of driving. Started passing the time with old time radio episodes, which are amazing, but then started listening to BBC History Extra podcast, which made me realize I did not know much about British history, which led me to a book, Crown and Country: A History of England through the Monarchy, by David Starkey, which made me look for a podcast on the same subject, which led me here.I am catching up fast, and the member episodes are also great.  Just finished the gin and tonic interview.  Who knew!  Have some spirits shopping to do.  The choices at my house are seriously inadequate.

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    Hi Tim! I am Will. Nice to meet a Texan!

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    Hi Tim,Welcome to the community!  What sort of law do you practice?  And as for the comment about finding a way to quit, there's a surprising number of ways to transition out of the practice if you really would like to.  Don't lose hope!  :)

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    I do civil appeals, mostly, and insurance coverage and heavy-thinking motion practice.  I'm the smart guy they keep in the back of the office, mostly researching and writing.  Kind of like preparing for a podcast but less interesting …Loving the podcast!

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