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    I just found this through a rec from a friend and I am loving it! I have always enjoyed history, and I love the way you tell it. My dad was a history major and I grew up listening to stories like the ones you tell. I can't tell you how many family dinners ended up with me and my dad sitting at the table long after everyone else had finished talking about ... whatever it was we were interested in at the time. So anyway, you do a great job and it's kind of nostalgic for me. I LOVED the food and drink episodes, btw. Kings and blood is fine, but daily life is where it's at.And btw, I was so excited to hear you use 'The North Remembers' in an early broadcast. I knew I was right to like you. In fact, I had to go through the confirmation screen to sign up here several times because you spell you name wrong. It should be Jaime ... duh. (I seriously was confused as hell and couldn't figure out what was wrong :p)

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    Hi Gertrude, welcome to the community!  Please pass along my thanks to your friend for sharing the show with you.  The podcast (and the community in general) spreads entirely by word of mouth, actually.It sounds like I'd get along well with your father.  He sounds like a ton of fun.  :)  Was there a specific area that he focused on, or would he just tell you stories about all sorts of stuff?

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    His specialty was military history and the World Wars specifically (he taught in the army for a while). But he does have a well rounded knowledge of European history and a fondness for English succession. We were at a wedding once and started having a discussion about the differences between matchlock and flintlock guns complete with sketches on napkins. We got a few strange looks.He is always reading and thirsty for knowledge. I introduced him to the world of podcasts and yours specifically. I need to check back with him and see if he 'gets' it. (he and technology aren't best friends ;) )

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