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    Hallo all,I really enjoyed the thread below 'British Nationality'. Many community members had genealogies going back 4oo years! Wow- the best I can do is oral tradition for 3-4 generations (1890s at earliest) suggesting half-Irish-ish, quarter Scandinavian-ish and the rest English-ish and Welsh-ish. Just for fun, I wondered if anyone here has compared their genetic profile from e.g. 23andme with their genealogical profile, and whether these correlated?As my oral genealogy suggests, I'm phenotypically classic Northern European with pale skin and reddish hair and I'd be surprised if there's much more than Viking in me. However, there's a Prof Rees who (some time ago) linked reddish hair with Neanderthal antecedents. Have any other redheads found Neanderthal components in their genome? I would think I'm the perfect candidate for 23andme, having such WASP antecedents and probable over-sampling of this demographic. But can anyone tell me if 23andme (and their 'model') can cope with less sampled and affluent genotypes/antecedents such as people of Jewish, African-American, Native American or Asian antecedents?

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