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    Hi Jamie and other BHP fans!My name is Ben, I'm an active service Army officer and I live in Sydney, Australia.I'm a VERY new listener to the podcast - I discovered it after having listened to Hardcore History and making my way through Revolutions. Like many of the other folk here, I have an enormous thirst for history and this podcast has really been delivering on sating said thirst! My particular interest is European Military History between 1700 - 1900 and, given Britain's participation and contribution to warfare during those 200 years, I'm excited for the future of this podcast! Some ways to go just yet though (and I'm only up to episode 22!).I'm currently finishing up a Bachelor's in Organisational Leadership and will follow that up with a Master's in Military History in due course - does anyone have any recommendations on good schools around the world that offer such a program!?Keep up the great work, Jamie!!

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    Hi Ben, that's a really interesting area of study.  I wish I had some recommendations for you, but maybe other listeners will be able to help out.  Have you asked your professors for guidance on what schools to contact?Welcome to the community!

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    No, haven't asked any of my existing professors the question yet. I'm not sure that any of them would have experience in that area of study but perhaps they know someone that does.I'm not in any rush though - the Masters will purely be for personal interest rather than as a qualification for future employment.I've just now finished ScotCast, Jamie, and am present listening to the reading of Le Mort D'Arthur. I picked this book up years ago but baulked at the language at the time. Think I still have a copy in one of my (many!) bookshelves so might have to dig it out and have another crack!

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