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    Is there a way to link back to older episodes, other than using the “older posts” link 15 times? A search function or at least a calendar would be nice.
    I have started the entire podcast over from the beginning. The only thing I found to do is change the URL feature page number, but I’m guessing which page to go to.

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    I second this request, I am new around here and it seems quite labor intense to go back many pages for the older episodes. But to be the Devil’s advocate, it is the same on the poscasts app :(

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    Agnes Meiling

    Every page has a search bar if you scroll all the way down. I always just search by typing in the number I expect the episode I’m looking for to have. But I have also been looking for an easier, more intuitive way to find episodes. Sometimes the tags on the episodes help by the way.

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