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    So about a year and a half ago the film club died a sudden death. Perhaps it died in a rough bloody Anglo-Saxon battle… or from drinking too many creeping things. The point is it disappeared almost as thoroughly as King Richard III under a carpark! I abandoned the fledgling club to pursue graduate studies in Canadian history... and 14 months, tons of coffee and alcohol, innumerable sleepless nights, and an over-priced, under-rated degree later, I'm ready to re-launch the film club; I nominate myself Bretwalda of the film club! I'm going by Bretwalda Warnell (my welsh-in-origin surname) until you all (or the Normans) depose me. I think the problem with the film club the first time around was there were too many options for films. So, as overlord, I'm launching the new film club with new rules (again at least initially).On December 1st I will announce the 'British' film I will be watching for the month. Anyone who joins the new (and far more dictatorial film club) will have until the 20th to watch the film. On the 20th people should begin the discussion on the film on a new topic thread. The first person to comment on the film gets the privilege of choosing the next month's film (announced on the first, discussion by the 20th), and so on...Another option would be that the first person to comment could choose three films, and create a poll to be voted until the first and the winner of the three would be the film of the month.Either way, I'm picking a film for December. I hope you all join me (and quickly kick me out of the position of Bretwalda... war-lordship really isn't my style).Bretwalda Warnell

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    After December could you maybe have a suggestion thread where people can suggest films for following months and you pick from the suggestions. Or you can go down the list in order of when they were suggested etc? Not so totalitarian but still a little dictatorish? :) Kate

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    That is a great suggestion Kate. There is already a huge list of films from the first film club…. so until someone says they want to be the new Bretwalda of the film club and takes over, I will post a poll each month with options to vote on. People can always suggest more films too. I will set this all up December 1st (I'm in the middle of moving across Canada so I am a wee bit busy this week). I am really hoping someone overthrows me though.Bretwalda Warnell

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    Hi Diane. Like yourself I have been away for some time (although nothing so hard core as graduate studies in Canadian history) working on my own projects and doing other things of interest that I never seemed to find time to do while spending so much of it on the computer!!I hail your new idea and support it but I won't be overthrowing your Bretwalda war-lordship  ;)Some of the problems before was a result of people not having enough time to watch a film by certain period (even with, surprisingly, two weeks or more to watch it) because of busy work/private schedules. Also, film choice could have been an issue, deciding what to watch that is appealing to everyone participating. Too much fluidity in the rules was probably the main problem and so your new approach could be the key to success this time.Just need to get a few more people interest again. Maybe those who are interested could maybe say so below so we know how many people will participate.So, I'm in (if I can get a copy of the film you have chosen). Who else?

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    I'm in!  I am content to be a minor chief and cast my vote for Bretwalda Warnell.  I also think Kate's idea of 2 or 3 films to vote on is a good idea.  As Chris indicated, it might be tricky to get a copy of some films.  I can't stream films on my computer so I'd have to track them down, which could take time.

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    Hi, I will follow the lead of The Bretwalda, or should I say , rex Angulsaxonum, (for taking such a noble role as film club supermo), also very happy on the dictator model, perhaps as suggested a vote from a list of 3.Just happened to watch "Two Way Stretch" last night with Peter Sellars, a great comic role from 1960, while filmed in a contemporary setting for the times, I am amazed how much the world has changed, and the film serves an unintended role as an historical documentary, which I found fascinating as it ties in roughly with my own lifetime.

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    Right so I'm back again. I just spent the last week moving across the country and then my hard drive broke so I had to rebuild my computer… phew…So I agree that the films can be hard to track down and like Chris said, it can take a long time to actually get around to watching them. What if we eliminate the time model all together for discussion. Just set up a thread to discuss the movie and people can participate when they manage to watch it, but every month I will post three options (taken from a suggestion thread), and have a poll set up for a week. I think a week long poll is the best way to do this because then people can get started and the voting isn't indefinite. Discussion can last indefinitely though. Also in terms of tracking films down... I am quite adept at finding movies online (unfortunately this doesn't really help you Vesta) so if anyone is having trouble finding a copy of the movie (illegally) on the internet I might be able to help them if they send me a message. I really am a friendly/helpful warlord.I'll post a poll for December options later today (probably this evening) or tomorrow morning.Bretwalda Warnell

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