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    The guidelines listed below are exactly that….guidelines. There are no hard and fast rules as long as we have fun in the process. That's what this is all about: suggesting, watching and talking about films. If we try and stick to the basics listed here, things should run relatively smoothly. So, here goes:When and how often

    • We will watch one film per calendar month
    • Each month will start on the 1st
    • Week 1 and 2: Post your film suggestions to the relevant thread
    • Week 3: Watch the film
    • Week 4: Discuss the film in the relevant thread

    Suggesting films

    • Films suggested, where possible, should reflect British themes, history, culture etc. but it does not necessarily have to be in Britain
    • Films can be US made etc. providing it has a British theme
    • Films from any period can be suggested, for example, black and white films from the 50's
    • Films suggested should be posted by the end of the second week of every month (see above)
    • Each film is chosen based on popularity: the most suggested film is chosen
    • A new 'film suggestions' thread will be included each month, for example: 'Film Suggestions (June, 2012)', 'Film Suggestions (July, 2012')
    • Documentaries can also be included

    Watching films

    • Try to watch the chosen film during the 3rd week of every month ready for discussion the following week

    Discussing films

    • We will try to discuss the chosen film during the 4th week of every month
    • Discuss anything about the film, the story, writing, characters, acting, actors, direction, politics etc.
    • Be honest, whether you liked a film or not
    • Be friendly and keep it clean!

    Anything else?

    • Have fun!

    If you have questions or comments regarding the film club please direct them to the 'Questions and Comments' thread located at the top of the 'Film Club' board.Thanks 

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    Rule number 1 : Don't talk about film club?

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    Rule number 1 : Don't talk about film club?

    Darn it, wish I thought of that  :)

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    this seems to have died a bit of a death.Can I suggest a film?

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