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    I just caught up on the members only content and thank you for putting in the extra effort, by the way. I'm enjoying the podcast very much and have since I stubled across the first episode or two on itunes several months ago. I've tried several other history podcasts and yours is the best I've heard. I happen to love history and can plow through endless dry names and dates if I have to. Your conversational style of relating history is much more fun to listen to. It's almost like just hanging out and talking with friends, which is great and also, I think going to bring in more listeners who may not necessarily be fans of history or are generally bored by most other programs concerning it.Regarding the mythology, not only do I love it, I think it's very important to include mythology, religion, legends etc. in any account of history. It adds a personal level to the names, places and dates and makes the long dead people more real and relatable. Religion shapes and motivates societies so learning a little about it gives a better understanding of why people behave as they do. Please do include more stories about these subjects. One more thing. I haven't had time to do much reading about history, or anything else, in quite awhile. Listening to podcasts at work are the perfect solution for me. I find myself scribbling notes and stuffing them in my pockets to take home and look up. I'm having so much fun doing that and the reason I'm doing it is because of finding your podcast and remembering how much I love reading and hearing about history and researching it myself. Thank you very much  :)

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