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    Hello All, I am American of French and Scottish ancestry (Mom has traced the family tree back into the 14th century, I believe).  Born and raised in Florida, I finally managed to escape in 2011 to join my sister in Washington state.  We have now moved back to the deep south, much to my chagrin, and are now in Georgia.  I can grin and bear it though, because I won't be here long.  I will be rejoining my fiance in the UK as soon as possible, and am trying to catch up on the basics of his country's history in the mean time.  I just spent several months over there, so I have a fair few pictures from the southern portions of England, as well as a few others from earlier trips.  Here are a few. Picture 1:  Corfe Castle Picture 2:  Wimborne Minster, where the Bankes family (from Corfe Castle) are laid.Picture 3:  The font at Salisbury Cathedral Picture 4:  Roman Villa in Dorchester

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    Beautiful photographs, Faith!  And you should come back and visit the PacNW from time to time.  :)Welcome to the community!

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    I love the pictures as well!  :)

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    Nice pictures.

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    Great pictures!

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