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    Hello all,  I am Eric and I used to say I was middle-aged but at 56 a quick look at the actuarial tables would lead me to think I am in my last third rather than my “middle” one. I lived in England as a child for a bit and have been touched by the history bug since. I wish I was broad enough minded to wonder about Chinese history or any other cultures'. I am afraid that I am stuck on British history and perhaps to European but I am at least aware of my narrowness. I look forward to the double-secret members' only stuff and to finally be a member of a club that would have me as a member. (My apologies to Groucho)ee

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    Welcome, Eric!If there's one thing I've learned from rediscovering the joys of history, it's that even far in the past when islands were more like islands (as compared to the global economy of today), a relatively remote country and its history are always influenced by the world around it. So when you are interested in English history, you are by proxy already interested in what came before it...which draws a rather large map.Also... age is just a number. I have to remind my father of this rather frequently.Where do you reside now?

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    My age is “just a number” but it's the mirror that seems to think that my number is relevant. It's also that my available memory is full of song lyrics from the '60's and '70's and if I could remember where my car keys are or perhaps why I just walked into a room (if there is a toilet in the room, I generally know why I'm there) that would be more useful in my day-to-day life. I have resided in Eugene since 1980 and am still not used to the climate…I would have said “weather” but we have much more climate than weather. Thanks for the

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    Hello, Eric.  Any relation to the half-a-bee?  :)Welcome!

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    No, but I enjoy both spam and beans and I am fond enough of lupines to own

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