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    Can someone please point me in the direction of a good documentary (movie or series) on the English Civil War?  I've been reading ahead and this era has peaked my interest.Thank you.

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    There are not a lot of documentaries regarding this period unfortunately.  There are a couple of films, however, they suffer from historical inaccuracies.  You could watch CROMWELL with Richard Harris.  This is a good movie but has some serious inaccuracies in it.  The BBC did a show back in the 1990s called THE SWORD DIVIDED which was a series that dealt with the split of a family down Royalist/Parliamentary lines.  RESTORATION was a decent movie about, well, the Restoration, but it is more fluff than history.  There appear to be some short documentaries on YouTube as well.  I hope that this helps.

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    You should also check out the film “The Devil's Mistress”.  It's a nice fictional story about a noble lady who starts to doubt the Royalist cause her husband is involved with.Jacob

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