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    Hey everybody!Soooooo my name is Eike (pronounced /aika/ in case you're wondering). Apparently, it's an old North-German name which nobody knows. And in case anyone wants to google the name: forget it or if you find it you'll probably have it as a male name. But no I'm not male. My parents just really loved me when they gave me that name. I also have a pretty fantastic surname which nobody has heard of either and most people don't know how to spell.I'm studying to become a teacher for English as a Foreign language and for Chemistry. I've spent some time in the UK ages ago and fell in love with the country and it's people. That's also partly why I got into listening to this podcast. I got to know this podcast through another one: "The History of Philosophy - Without any Gaps" and Peter there recommended this one so I started listening and was hooked almost immediatly.So what else do I do? I love to knit and crochet. I'm part of a drama group and teaching a students' drama group as well. I love to read and devour anything remotely English.  ;)  Oh yes: listening to this podcast obviously.  ;D  I love the opportunity that one can get involved and chat about the podcast.

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    Welcome to the community, Eike! 

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