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    I used to live in Suffolk County near Bury St. Edmunds. I really hated living in the area and always felt that it had little to offer. My house was not far from the where the Mildenhall treasure was found and I would walk past that field on my way to work each day and dream about Roman times. That is what probably sparked my interest in Roman history. Well that and when Jean Luc Picard said in the Best of Both Worlds episode 'Did the emperor Honorius know it was the end when the Visigoths came over the 7th hill? Turn the page.” And I had no idea what he meant, other than it was about Rome. That determined me to learn and I have spent years reading about Rome, Greece, et al. These latest episodes on Anglo-Saxon history, a era I have only really spent a year learning about, with the emphasis on Sutton Hoo, Raedwald and East Anglia have really been eye opening and enjoyable. Now I am mad that I lived in the middle of that area and never, NOT ONCE, took advantage of being in that local! OH WELL!! Looks like I have another place to go on vacations now! Thanks Jamie!

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    Richard Lyle

    You'll probably be even more annoyed that you missed walking on Devil's Dyke, Fleam Dyke and the Roman Road out of Cambridge. It's my marathon training ground and I think it's a huge privilege to run through this landscape. Going from the chalk near Cambridge onto the clays of Suffolk you see the vegetation and wildlife change. I can stand on Mutlow Hill and imagine all the people who have stood in the same spot over the past 1,200 years. It's inspiring.

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    Also is Peterborough – where you have the Flag Fen, which proves we were not all savages before the Romans!!!PS - -my hometown!

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    Well, it's never too late to go back and explore!  :)

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    Well, it's never too late to go back and explore!  :)

    That is true. Lately I have been spending all my time in London. I will back in the UK a couple of more times this year and am planning a couple of weeks in September. Part of that will be up in Scotland, Edinburgh to be exact. But the second week is up to me. I am not sure if I should head into Cornwall or back into East Anglia.

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