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    Chris Paynter

    Firstly, apologies to Jamie for devouring the entire podcast back catalog before subscribing but I’m here now. Just wanted to introduce myself as an avid fan and let everyone know that I look forward to becoming an active member of the community. Listening whilst I navigate the perils of a 35 mile commute through the hell of Atlanta traffic gives a little respite and a connection to my cultural routes.

    Glad to be here.

    Sowyn!! Chris

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    Hello Chris, I have just joined the BHP community today. I came on to say hello and first post i saw was yours and i thought interestingly I am a Cornishman and my mothers maiden name is Paynter. There are plenty of Paynter’s out there but naturally I wanted to say hello. (I now live in Devon so I am still very very close to Cornwall)

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    Chris Paynter

    Hey Adam, nice to make your acquaintance. There are not that many Cornish Paynters out there so, who knows. Is your mother from the mid-Cornwall Paynters or the original far west Cornwall clan. Anyway, living in Devon keeps you a little closer than me – I envy you!

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    I am from Saint Austell, my mum and grandmother are from Saint Blazey / Par, so very mid Cornwall. Have you moved to Atlanta from Cornwall or was it your parents who emigrated? I do not know anyone on my mothers side that have done their ancestry so I am actually quite clueless about that branch of my family tree. Perhaps something for me to do at some point.

    I only moved to Plymouth as well so literally on the border with Cornwall. Plymouth being a big city for us Cornish people….. I do not know Atlanta but a quick google search shows its population is twice that of Plymouth! :)

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