Did the Huns cause the Anglo Saxons to move into Britain?

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    I just listened to the podcast about the Anglo/Saxon migration/invasion. Jamie talks about how climate change was a huge factor in getting the Germanic peoples to emigrate.I'm curious though about the Huns. For instance, if you go to the Wikipedia page for Huns, you'll see they state that the Huns may have been a/the major cause of the Great Migration of Germanic peoples into the Western Empire. The citation for this claim is a single sentence from what I presume is a Roman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huns#cite_note-18:

    ""However, the seed and origin of all the ruin and various disasters that the wrath of Mars aroused... we have found to be (the invasions of the Huns)". Ammianus 1922, XXXI, ch. 2"

    Anyway, I thought it was worth asking. I'll poke around and try to do more research. Its just one of those assumptions I've had rattling around in my brain that may or may not be true. I've always thought the Huns showed up, possibly from the East--their sudden migration pushing out many of the Germanic peoples that had largely been content to their corner of the world up until this point.

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    First, good for you for checking Wiki cites.  Sometimes those citations are… interesting.  I'd really want to see the statement by Ammianus in context.  Also, he wasn't exactly unbiased in his views of the Huns.  ;)Anyway, pressure from the Hunnic expansion very easily could have had a cascading effect upon the migration.  Things like that have happened in the past.  Though it being the "cause" of it?  I'm not so sure I'd go that far.Please do let us know what you find in your research!

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