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    I've been listening to the History of Britain podcast now for several weeks and I must say it is most enjoyable. I am rather a late comer to this forum and the podcast but wanted to at least introduce myself. I am retired from public service as an environmental administrator and now live on a lake in Southern Michigan, USA. My Grandfather on my Mother's side was born in Snodland, County Kent, in England in 1898. He emigrated to the US with his parents in 1913. I, therefore, have British blood in my veins and, as he was a high school history teacher, a well fed interest in all things historical. My favorite period in British history is the post-Roman Dark Ages into the High Middle Ages. I look forward to meeting other members here and also to continued learning from the podcast.

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    Hi Dave, welcome to the community!  I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the show. :)

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