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    Hi,I'm Daniel from Doncaster in England, a sports enthusiast (regularly playing Rugby League, Union, American Football and Sumo Wrestling which I represent the UK in) and a history boffin.Basically, I started listening to the British History Podcast about 2 weeks ago and became amazed at it. I normally spend a hour a day away from the world to listen to a podcast in the hope to eventually catch up with Jamie 8) I'm a fan of almost all types of history however pre-1500's is where my real interest is, and because of this I spend more time than any 18 year olds should finding interesting historical places to visit such as Hadrians Wall where planning on walking it from West to East and even the Cresswell Crags which is quite local to me.As I work as a mystery shopper I spend more time reading historical books while travelling then I do sleeping most days, in particular I am quite a fan of Simon Scarrow's work in the Eagle series. However, if anyone has any recommendation I'd love to hear them. (I wouldn't recommend Horrible Histories though, I've already got the collection) I enjoy talking to other people interested in History, however you can always feel free to talk to me about anything really, my love for sports, music and travelling!It's been a pleasure, apologies if this seems abit waffled.. it's all that was ever wrote on my history essays in school

    Daniel, the information is brilliant, but you just waffle abit

    ah. One day I'll do it right, atleast I still got an A :)Daniel from Doncaster

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    Welcome to the community, Daniel!  I'm glad the BHP could keep you company while you're travelling and mysteriously shopping. :)

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    Hi other brit Dan! (I'm gonna call you Daniel) Now know 3 Dan's, 2 Brit's, 1 Aussie!

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    Hi Doncaster Dan from Lowestoft Dan.American Footy - what team/position. My best mate plays for the Spartans in Essex, O Coach and occasional lineman. Im a Bengals fan so the long wait for a post season win continues!

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    The Dan's will take over this podcast eventually! Nice to meet you though :)

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    Hey! I'm a D tackle/nose.. I'm a big guy so anywhere that need abit of a wall, but yeh I play for The Doncaster Mustangs up in the North. I'm a fan of the patriots so I can't say much haha, going to keep my hopes up for the Super Bowl!:-D

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    G'Day, being another Dan (the Aussie one) I thought I should say hello!  I hear there is some kind of big Grid-iron play-offs or something in the US Monday (or is that Sunday where you are?) so i hope you enjoy watching and the teams you follow come in (if they are playing)!

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    Seattle is who i want to Win!  :)

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    Lucky you, waiting for the half time show now. I was hoping for a nice bronco's win but it seems not :-(

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