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    Hello All,I'm Dan originally from Londinium now living among the Angles in Lowestoft (as far east as you can get without being in the North Sea), I'm new to forums (this is my first foray) but having listened to the podcast and re-fired my interest in History I thought I'd take the plunge.

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    G'Day from another Dan, get stuck into the forum chats, its fun and the more the merrier.

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    Hi Brit Dan! Will in the US! can i ask you a couple of questions? 1) What is the era you want to learn about most? and 2) Are you excited about the whole Prince George stuff? Just wondering.

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    Well my school history classes back in the day worked the timeline thus;We were Savages, We were Romans (it was great), It was Dark (it wasn't so great), Hastings (Duck Harold).Then I chose GCSE History on the basis that we had reenacted Hastings on the school fields, and making swords even if they are cardboard and tape was cool so I thought I'll have some more of that. However we ended up doing WW1 for what seemed like about 2 weeks, then the Russian Revolution for about 2 years. So I lost interest.I came across the podcast because I realised that I knew nothing about our history (other than how to make cardboard swords) and that needed addressing (especially as my daughter is now doing History - and having at least an idea would be a bonus).As a fan of fantasy, Gemmel, Gaiman, Pratchett and the like, I'm really liking the Saxon stuff but as I've alluded to I don't know much about the full story so its all an adventure for me.In terms of the George thing, I'm not really a royalist so can't say I've friend requested him on Facebook, obviously it's great news but then isn't a new child in any household. :D

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    Hi Dan, welcome to the community!I'm so pleased that you're enjoying the show.  :)PS: I changed the title of the post to fit with the category rules.

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