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    Like someone else posted, I'm a long time listener but new to the forum.  Don't know much about forums, although I did join Reddit a few months back when Jamie had an 'Ask Me Anything' session.  I've been to Britain quite a few times, starting in the late 70's when I was about 20 and we camped for a month, from south to north on the west coast and then back south on the east coast.  On my trips these days, I book an apartment.  I regularly return to some of Jamie's earlier episodes, when I run across something elsewhere and then want to listen again to what he had to say about the same thing. 

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    Richard Lyle

    Camping in Britain back then was brave!

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    Camping was okay, Rich, as we had nice maps that helped us to find campgrounds.  And we met lots of nice campers, too.  I will admit that these days I prefer an actual bed and a shower as opposed to an air mattress and a sponge bath in the communal facilities.  :)

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    Hi Cynthia!  Thank you so much for taking part in the AMA.  :)Welcome to the community!

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    My brother and I walked across the Lake District many years ago. Must have been circa 1978. We hiked from Keswick to Cockermouth, camping overnight. It was quite a trek. The best part was at the end, when we finally arrived at the youth hostel in Cockermouth, with hot showers and a real bed!

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