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    I just recently found the BHP, but I cannot get enough. I have a long way to go until I catch up, thankfully! :)I'm in Human Resources, and a lot of my job involves work that doesn't require much brain power. This podcast keeps my mind active while I process routine paperwork. I was a History major in college, although my focus was on the boarder between the US and Mexico. I'm really enjoying learning about Britain in depth. My employees are enjoying it as well. Several of my supervisors ask me for recaps of the episodes at the end of the day. :)In my not-work life, I'm a wife and 'mother' to 3 incredibly spoiled cats. I knit, crochet and spin. These days we call Texas home, but when I was fresh out of high school (US) I spent a year living in London (Chelsea). That, coupled with an anglophile grandmother has made me a lover of all things British. (And started quite the collection of teapots and cozies. lol)

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    Hi Claudia,Thank you so much for sharing these stories with your co-workers and for supporting the project! And welcome to the community :)

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