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    Hello All!My name is Cindy..I am a High School History teacher ( it allows me more freedom) and self proclaimed anglogeek ;D I am rather excited about this site not only for my personal use but for an English History/Lit class I am creating for the new school year. I have two "anglogeek" Facebook pages dedicated to the Windsors and one for British Monarchy History. Hope to "see" some of you there.!

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    Hi Cindy!  Welcome to the forums!  An online History teacher?  That's really cool.  So do you use audio/video for your lessons, or is it text based?  Also, I'm now following your FB pages :)

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    I'm curious how you do the online teaching, too.  I had no idea that was even a thing, so now you've got me reevaluating my career path!  (FWIW, I'd give my left leg to teach geography.  Alas, I am stuck at a desk balancing checkbooks instead.)  (And I say left leg because I use the other appendages too frequently to give them up.  Sorry, left leg.)Will have to check you FB pages out tonight, though -- I've got a budding fascination with monarchies.  :D

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    Thanks Jamie! I use audio and text based for my lectures. I incorporate a lot of videos as well. I hope to use some of the podcast for the class my friend and I are creating.Thanks for following my pages...hope to turn them into something bigger...someday ;DJessaminnie, I World Geography is one of the courses I is a great gig. The pay is lower then a brick and mortar school but being able to work from home and having a smaller class size to reach the kids is awesome, that is when they come..high schoolers are a tough crowd :o

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