Cilurnum or Chesters on Hadrian Roman fortress

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    The latrine area was quite large.  You can see the arched area in the background which has a trench in front of it that you aren't able to see from this angle, but they emptied out into smaller trenches seen in the foreground.8740420948_2e89cc1d9c_b.jpgThis kitchen area seemed very small for the needs of such a massive fort.8739341087_0e726f9f6a_b.jpgI wondered if this was intentional.8740688240_d3f5deb114_b.jpgThis hallway segregated two sections of the fort.8740710810_e72faae1e1_b.jpgThis was indicated to be the house of the commandant.  The tunnel in the front was indicated to have been a sewage system.8741171002_be8102df67_b.jpgThe area where my daughter is walking was a floor which is raised because they had heated floors in this portion of the fortress. When you see how vast a complex this is, it gives you a greater appreciation for the daily efforts it would have required to ready the rooms.  8741174990_a4d83c91b0_b.jpgThese columns would have supported a floor and allowed for the fire to be pushed in from the stoke hole.  In the background you can see the flat stones that comprised the flooring.8741180572_dc6fd58078_b.jpgThe stoke hole8740070567_9e431e0050_b.jpgAn intact room so you can see how the floors would have looked relatively solid.8740516408_a63c504fd8_b.jpgBarracks8741330826_4370e2881f_b.jpg

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    Tracey Henley

    I was here in 1981 (GAAA), and very little of this had been uncovered. Mostly just the wall. The bits of the fort that had been uncovered were on the other side of a farmer’s cow pasture. The cows were very interested in us, and decided to play “chase.” Much fun was had by all.

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