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    Hi all. Here’s my introduction:My name is Chris.  Christopher Robin is a nickname that I rather enjoyed in High School because that’s what the girls called me.  I live in Snohomish Washington which is a suburb of Seattle and according to googlemaps, I’m exactly 200 miles north of the hipster capital of Portland Oregon.  I first stumbled on BHP on Zune marketplace (yes really) shortly after Jamie posted his first episode, so I’m a long time listener but new to the forum.  I build airplanes for a living and often listen to various podcasts while I work.  Some of these podcasts include: TBTL, This American Life, 99% invisible, Radiolab, Memory Palace, Love+Radio, Planet Money, and Stack of dimes.  BHP is especially great because of the community that built up around it, for example, normal people like us can’t email Ira Glass and expect a reply, ever.  I enjoy craft beers, I am an amateur brewer and my favorite homebrew to date is a vanilla porter, an idea that I stole from the Harmon brewery in Tacoma, Wa.  I also enjoy playing acoustic guitar and the tin whistle.  I have a lovely wife named Heather and I am also a brand new father to a baby girl named Rowan.  I’ll post a picture of her if I can figure out how.  I also have a cat named Jane.  She bites people.I enjoy listening to the BHP and I consider anyone else who enjoys the same to be an exceptional, self aware person.  Again, My name is Chris and I look forward to getting to know you all. 

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    welcome, Chris. I hope you have much fun here. I'm just wondering what kind of planes do you build?

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    Excellent taste in names!  I've had “Rowan” picked out as the name for my child for… well…. forever.  Hehe.And I'm pleased you feel that way about the community.  I'm quite lucky to have such an engaged group of listeners who are eager to chat with me and others about this material.  It's a rare thing these days.  :)Welcome to the forums! 

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    Thanks Jamie, I didn't take long to talk Heather into naming her Rowan.  We found that the named is rooted in gaelic and means “little red-headed one.”  Since she was born with a little red-head it seamed to fit her.  I also like to joke ad nauseum that we named her after Rowan Atkinson.Thanks for the welcome Jonny, I build 777's for the Boeing Co.  The work is sweaty and stinky but it's an honest living.

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    Snohomish huh? Nice northwest showing. I haven't gotten to my own introduction, but I'm just a few miles up the road in Lake Stevens! Crazy small world  ;)

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