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    Hello Everyone!New here on the forums, but just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Christina Siceloff, grew up about an hour outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. I am 27 years old, and absolutely LOVE history. I really got into British History when I began researching my genealogy and found out I am descended from numerous kings of Britain, Edward I, William the Conqueror. On both sides of my family. I began to really read more and more about history and decided one day just to find a podcast on my ipod to see if there was anything about British history on there. I am now only up to episode 74 but hope to catch up soon. I listen to the podcast at work and at night before bed and really think Jamie is doing a great job and is very informative. I have learned so much and have began to share with other people I know as well. Anyways, more about me, I have been doing genealogy for about ten years now and have over 20,000 people in my tree alone, distant cousins as well as immediate family. I also like to play video games and watch films. I am known as "Lovey" amongst some coworkers now because of my stories of Britain from when I was blessed to live there for six months in 2010. I also became more involved with British history on that trip as well. I had met an English guy on xbox about 5 years ago, after two years we decided to meet, he flew to America and we got along great and I decided to move in with his family for six months in Britain. Went there, fell in love but unfortunetly had to come back to the U.S. I do like the U.S. people, but definitely have a newfound love for Britain, and sort of had to leave my heart behind as well. We were engaged but because of economic reasons decided until money was better off we would hold off and have been broken up since 2011, until one person or the other gets finances back in place. Enough of that lol, I now talk a bit more English, rather than American and a lot of people can't understand me so well anymore, including my own mother. Anyways, I am really happy to be here and look forward to meeting some new friends and sharing some great stories, as well as history with everyone as well. Take care all.

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    Hi Christina, welcome to the forums!

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    Nice to hear you enjoyed your time with us: Did you end up with a fave British food and any you hated?

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    Hmm…I had many favorite foods, some of which I have learned to make here back in America via Jamie Oliver's website and some others as well. My whole family and many of my friends now like Welsh Cakes. I also like the homestyle pasta bake, and cheese and onion pasties. I also enjoy the kababs there better than here, especially with the garlic sauce and ketchup. Really liked the fish and chips as well. I also love monster munch, and cadbury chocolate. I also liked the pubs better there as well. I think I really enjoyed Britain more than I do the U.S. As for things I didn't like…the sausages, maybe cause I ate them so often it got old lol. I also didn't like Irn Bru soda, sorry forget how to spell it. That is about all I didn't like lol. I also now watch Top Gear, Corination Street, Bear Grylls, really liked how many less adverts you all have there as well, and I now love Queen. Just to write a bit more about myself. :) Any other new foods I should maybe try that I could maybe make here?

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    Wow, you've already named some of my faves (except Coronation Street).You should cook a proper curry; lamb, onions, chickpeas, tomatoes, curry leaves, garum massala, cardamom seeds, lemon, peppers etc. Not sure how you will get Poppadums though....I miss things from my travels in the US, like the steaks, the burgers, the key lime pie but definitely not the chocolate (Sorry!)

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    lol Cadbury chocolate is definitely better than Hersheys. I grew up on Hershey's but now really only buy Cadbury's. Oh and I thought of another thing that I absolutely love from your country, even order it online, cheaper than buying it at Walmart for a tiny box…PG Tips tea. I actually made a really good lamb recipe that I got off Jamie Oliver's website for Christmas, my dad really loved it too. We also like parnsips as well. One thing I didn't try, that I heard a lot of people like there is Black Pudding. I was offered it but found out what was in it and couldn't bring myself to try it. My ancestry actually comes from Britain as well, my great great great grandfather was born in London, and came to America when the potato famine happened in Ireland in the 1800's, his father was from Ireland and left there to move to Wales to work in the mines, but then they started to close so they moved to London and didn't find any jobs there either so left from there to come here.

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    I have to say American chocolate is really bad; too much sugar and chemicals. I had some Hershey's and it was dire. Try some Green and Blacks if you can get it. I buy from Hotel Chocolat round the corner from my office near VictoriaNice to hear you've done some family history - anything interesting turn up?

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    Oh yeah…William the Conqueror, King Edward I, an ancestor that came over on the Mayflower as well…There are many more but that is just to name a couple. Found out too that through the kings in Britain that my mum and dad are actually related, kind of strange, but everyone is related somehow lol. I actually was staying in Wales when I was there but went to London twice, once in the autumn and once the week of Christmas. I was told by my ex's nan that I had to see the Christmas tree that Norway gives you all every year, took pictures of that, and I really loved London, probably my favorite city in the world, well that I have been to so far. The only other place I have been outside the U.S. is Canada. But I have been to NYC, Orlando, Florida, and D.C. just to name a few and I really love London the most. My favorite place I went to in London was the Tower of London, and the park by Buckingham Palace. When I went to London I stayed at a hotel in Waterloo, and also went through Victoria Station a couple of times, is that near your area? My least favorite place in London was Oxford Street, far too busy for me, too many people lol.

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