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    Hello EverybodyIm Chad. Im 21 years old. I hate talking about myself, so the fact I am even doing this is leaving me in a state of confusion. I both Dislike and Love my name.Well I live in Southern California, about 60 miles East of Los Angeles, with my dad and girlfriend, and of course my tiny dog. I go to a Community College and am majoring in History. However, I do not think I know nearly enough about history to be majoring in it.  I'm mixed ethnicity, half Irish with some Black Dutch (unsure of exactly what that is), Choctaw and Spanish thrown into the mix.I enjoy most historic periods but tend to loose some interest after Napoleon and in Renaissance ItalyMy favorite drink and Sailor Jerry Rum and coke and gin and tonic.I've been able to grow a beard since I was 15, and have had one consistently since 16.I also have a great, irrational hatred for country music.I think thats as much as I can bring myself to share.Goodbye and Godspeed

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    Hi ChadWelcome to the forums. I reckon if you really don't like your name you should change it to Caratacus Jones. That would be cool. According to wikipediaThe term "Black Dutch" first appears in U.S. colonial history as a reference to people from the Netherlands of darker skin than most northern Europeans. In the Netherlands, the term Black Dutch was applied to the descendants (usually illegitimate) of Spanish soldiers and Dutch women (who were traditionally more fair) during the Spanish occupation of the Low Lands in the 16th century. Because of the circumstances, it had negative connotations. Some such Dutch descendants came to the North American colonies, where most Dutch settled in the New York area.

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    I've see that. I have also read that it is possible German Gypsy or just a term Natives used to be able to buy land. So I'm probably not going to know until i get a DNA test haha.

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    Cactus Jones is pretty outstanding.  Tuggs McGee would also be acceptable.Welcome to the forums!

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    Welcome Chad! You have a great name, how many people can say they have a country named after them? Although Cactus Jones or Tuggs McGee would be a pretty awesome name.

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