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    I have read (don't remember source) that the legend of “The Holy Grail” began in Welsh Mythology.  But I have also read (again don't remember source) that prior to the Roman invasion “mythology” had an entirely different meaning than we now think.  Mythology was considered the “real thing” rather than made up stories.  This seems a contradiction as I think the Holy Grail is mythology as we now define it.Can anyone clear this up for me?kay

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    8) “What is the average windspeed of an unladen swallow?” I do think their were a Camelot. But I love watching Monty Python the Holy Grail.

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    To be honest, I've been looking for sources… and most online references I have found regarding a pre-Christian grail legend haven't been annotated or are complete supposition. There's been talk of a connection to a cauldron or horn of plenty, ties to Celtic myths, but I think the challenge we have is that any evidence of these origins of the legend would either have been passed on orally or been stamped out by Christian proselytizers. For this reason, most scholars are dubious of such concrete connections until they see some proof.

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    I can't remember the specifics but I do remember watching a documentary a few years ago which said the first appearance of the Grail in any kind of story, especially any associated with Arthur, was in French romantic medieval stories, It was used as a symbol of the unattainable that only the pure of heart and soul could ever have a chance of gainingSean, in one of the stories about Branwen in the Mabinogion there is a magical cauldron which can bring people back to life if their bodies are put into it. 

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    Thanks, purple, that's the story I was thinking of! I didn't have time to search for the reference. Considering the nature of the Grail, that might be related… ie. adopted into the Grail legend, or it might be a coincidence. Granted, that's a big coincidence, but I tend to have a health (albeit optimistic) skepticism on such links.

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