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    Hi everyone,I am a certifiable British History nerd, having a Bachelor's and Master's degree in the same, and I am so excited to have discovered this podcast!  Now I get to indulge my history nerdiness all the time, and I am learning a ton of new stuff, since what I mostly studied was from the Glorious Revolution onward.  Thanks for doing this, Jamie!!!

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    Hi Carole!  I'm just down I-5 from you (in Tracy).  We're about as close as we can get to being “neighbors” on here, so… Howdy, neighbor!  Welcome to the boards and I'm glad you found the podcast.  :D

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    Why did you decide to focus on the 17th-20th centuries?  What was your favorite part?  Also, welcome to the community! :)

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    Hey Jamie,I wanted to try to figure out why the Royal Navy ruled the world in the 1800s, which led me back to why they did not have a revolution like France did, which led me back to...1660!And really, my son's being named Charles has *absolutely nothing* to do with that :-)Carole

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    And hello, neighbor jessaminnie!  :)

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    Hello Caroleland and jessaminnie! I'm way down the I-5 from both of you, in Laguna Hills. Welcome, I just joined myself. :)

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