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    Hi, I'm Carol–I live just outside of Vancouver, BC. I'm a Registered Nurse, but truly a history buff. I have always enjoyed reading history–historical biographies, etc. Most recently, I've jumped on the podcast bandwagon. Some podcasts are really great..Others..well, let's just say they need to do a bit more research..:) Love the Podcasts Jamie--awesome work. Please keep it up. CheersCarol

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    Hi Carol,I'm glad to have another Canadian here, and I also loooovvvve biographies. Have any favourites?Diane

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    I'm so pleased you're enjoying the podcast, Carol!  And thank goodness we have a nurse in here!  It seems like we keep getting reports of odd maladies such as Giardia. ;)

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    Welcome, Carol! Such a lovely name.  Sounds like a song. . .

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    I don't mind reading about Giardia–not sure I would like to be in the midst of an outbreak of it. Hope you do spend some time on some of the great pandemic outbreaks--the Black Death, etc. That should be fun. Hi Carol!--always nice to meet another Carol!Hi Diane--Right now I'm reading a biography on Everett Ruess--a young guy in the early 30's who travelled around S.Utah/Arizona and disappeared. I like Antonia Fraser biographies a lot--my favourite is "The Weaker Vessel". Her biography on Oliver Cromwell sparked my interest in The Civil War in England and the Restoration period. What about you?

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    The Everett Ruess biography sounds interesting- who wrote it?I just finished American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House by Jon Meacham and loved it! I also really like Peter the Great by Robert K. Massie. I also have started Richard Gwyn's two volume biography on John A. Macdonald, but I'm not overly impressed thus far. Also, for my job, (I work in a museum) I am reading From Bombs to Meadowlarks: The Stories of the War Brides of Medicine Hat and District (as told to Carol Ann Ross, Kath Killcullen, Doreen Hortness, and Angela J. Stubbs), which is basically a series of short biographies-very cool. I'm also a big reader of published diaries (I say big... but I mean I love them... I've only read 4). I'm currently reading the diary of Sofia Tolstoy, which after the first 20 pages or so becomes incredibly interesting.

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