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    Hi all!My name is Carly and I've been listening to the British History Podcast for a couple of weeks now. I listen while I work, as I'm a temp who does mindless data entry and need some distraction. I've just gotten to the beginning of the Dark Ages, which is exciting because the litterature, art, architecture, and traditions that developped during that period intrigue me.Has anyone seen the Secret of Kells? It's an animated feature set in Ireland during this time, touching on the clash between the Celtic tradition and the introduction of Christianity. There are also Viking invaders. It's a really beautiful film and I recommend it.

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    Hi Carly, I'm so glad that the show can help pass the time as you do data entry.  And I keep meaning to see the Secret of Kells… I'll have to set some time aside in the future and check it out. :)Welcome to the community!(PS: I changed the title to fit with the category rules)

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