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    Hi Jamie and all fellow fans of The British History Podcast! I have only recently discovered your podcast. I listen regularly to Ray Harris Jnr of 'The History of World War 2' podcast and heard you talking of this when Ray featured in the recent roman cage match. Since then i have downloaded and become an avid fan of the British History podcast! I am a postman in Kidderminster which is near Birmingham in the West midlands of England and this podcast helps me get through my postal round. I am currently upto episode 42 and have found it fascinating. I have also voted for you on the website and strongly urge all fellow listeners to do the same. I have a question for Jamie, (you may have already answered this in a podcast) Where in the UK are you from?Keep up the good work Jamie! Carl WilkesKidderminster

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    Hi Carl, welcome to the forums!To answer your question, originally I'm from North Wales.  Though as you have probably gathered from my accent and mannerisms, I'm pretty Americanized at this point.  :)(I edited the subject to keep with the naming convention of the boards, btw)

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