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    Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information on the pictures for this castle because my oldest daughter and I were at the university the day my husband and youngest daughter toured the castle.  I tend to use a voice recorder to read off signs and notes and input from guides as I tour places so I can follow along as I go through my pictures later.  They do not.  They have fun, tour, take cool pictures and try to regurgitate what sank in as they enjoy themselves – who does that!?The Flag Wall: Lined along this wall on the southern face of the castle are all of the flags of countries within the EU. The mottled wall with the building blocks of various centuries I think gives so much to the beauty.  Seeing this made me wonder how many sieges and fires and wars have left their mark on the structure and yet it was rebuilt every time.8963827009_29ca71107b_b.jpgI don't know if these were ramparts or an outer wall or gatehouse.  Not really certain.8967444837_ebe3dc562f_b.jpgThis is an old Norman keep and mound within the castle grounds.8968531206_b3e9662d0d_b.jpgI try to picture myself as an invader with the daunting task of approaching this keep sans stairs - impossible feat.8968415114_443a3171ac_b.jpgYou can really appreciate the diameter of this keep when you see the random photo bomber in relation to the ground floor size.8967739278_120742e286_b.jpgAn interior shot of the keep.8967091421_f558f00068_b.jpgPicture the walkways and ramparts.8966946561_d989987bf5_b.jpgI wish I knew what the purpose of this was, but alas...8967892414_ffef76c183_b.jpgI really like this picture as you can see where the tower would have been for admittance past the moat and into the keep.8959438658_6cc9823e41_b.jpgI am uncertain if historically this area was wooded or not.  I know that Cardiff was a major port and heavily milled, so perhaps this view would have been less obstructive and served to see invaders from a greater distance?8966634255_098ee7b400_b.jpgOne of my favourite pictures! 8958440464_4923eeeabd_b.jpgDaughter isn't 100% certain but if she recalls these were weapon storage and a window rests along side each the whole length of this rampart.8960108539_b821436cc1_b.jpgINSIDE THE CASTLEI wish I knew where within the castle they shot this so that I could have some idea as to what it is.(Hubby verified this was taken on daughter's camera and daughter has no idea where she was when she took it and neighbouring pictures don't help much.)8965066786_584da57651_b.jpgIf you look closely, you see the golden crocodiles at the top of the stairs.8966264253_9ae9627b0f_b.jpgThe Arab Room, I cannot begin to say how many times I have kicked myself for not partaking in the castle tour for this room alone.8966252225_5d13314ea1_b.jpgThis room has a lot of murals8965983335_778f80600c_b.jpgIf you think the woodwork is impressive, wait til you see the next image!8966079979_7298d35326_b.jpgThe finite details of an angel hanging from the beams that would not have been truly able to be appreciated from below without a zoom lens (all I can picture is Mel Gibson's face when I see this angel).8965993753_6c1698b134_b.jpgI've never taken the time to try to research the murals but they are spectacular. 8966151467_5b589dd3ae_b.jpgRobert the Consul on the mantle.8967098810_2b7c190f6f_b.jpgA room on the same floor as the banquet / mural room?8967007634_ce5ecd601a_b.jpgThe Royal Residences8967279485_ed1f17386e_b.jpgThere's a lot of other really neat images, but they are from the Animal Wall and a museum and other stops on their tour and so I will just stop here.

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    They are really wonderful, thanks for sharing with us!

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