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    Well hello. Not sure what I should say so here goes! I'm obviously called Callum, and I'm a 17 year old English kid living in Australia. So this podcast first of all is a lovely slice of home, cheers Jamie :) There's not exactly a lot of history to learn about Australia (I've no doubt I'll be called out on that). I am a film student and this essentially brings me to how and why I came to listening to this podcast. I'm currently writing and devising an online series and with my love of both fantasy and English history I'm more or less fusing the two and in creating the universe in which my series is taking place I'm researching as much as I possibly can to understand how England has evolved and what has affected it to bring it to the state it is in today, I really don't think it's simple enough to say, here's a half naked barbarian with some woad paint, you have to understand why they are the way they are ….oh and when I said fantasy I didn't mean fairies and elves. I prefer slightly more subtle concepts. But yes beside the research I thoroughly enjoy just learning about British history. That's about it…

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    Hi Callum, welcome to the forums!So are you thinking of historical fiction, or something along the lines of low-fantasy (such as the Conan series)?

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    Hey Jamie! Yup, it's turning more towards historical fiction at the moment as anything magical or other worldly is just convincing trickery… More often by Druidic like characters. I guess it makes them ancient magicians, all slight of hand  :D

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